Ordering Carabao Memorabilia

Rescue at Cardenas and Spirit of the Carabao can be ordered directly through the artist. (Click one of these links for details).

You may also send us a note and a check payable to The Military Order of the Carabao:

The Military Order of the Carabao
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Spirit of the Carabao

Steeped in symbolism, the “Spirit of the Carabao” painting depicts the history and traditions of over a century of honored membership. The title and central oval are rendered in the authentic colors of khaki and navy blue while the campaign ribbon records the year of birth. The Marine Corps red outer border carries the names of campaigns and battles. The olive drab upper panel depicts membership from all branches of the Armed forces including the Coast Guard.

The central figure, an army major carries his saber at rest, symbolic of the last period the weapon was carried in battle. The sunset represents the “last of the empire days.” A regular army sergeant is in standard issue woolen blues. The volunteer private wears the cooler khaki with an artillery red bandana while mounted cavalry troopers circle the ridge above a nipa hut.

General Frederick Funston’s capture of Philippine General Emilio Aguinaldo essentially marks the end of the conflict and these two courageous adversaries are shown on opposite sides of the oval. Marine Corps Band members and annual wallow skit players encircle the oval. The U.S. Navy’s critical role is depicted by ships steaming up the channel. Equal status is given to the national guard since their current call to duty and selfless response is not unlike the volunteers of 1900.
The carabao’s broken tether and water dripping from its back depicts its strength and independent nature when thirsty and ultimately, a “herd well wetted down.” The poetic lines are from the old tune, “The Carabao’s King of Them All,” reminding us of the Order’s unique place among all other organizations.

Image size: 21” x 26”
Overall size: 24” x 30”


Edition of 750 signed and numbered: $250 plus $20 shipping
Signed and Numbered Print; Doubled Matted and Framed: $500 plus $65 shipping


To order, please contact Bob George by phone at 865-774-4333
or by email at bob@bgillustrations.com.

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