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Rescue at Cardenas

The Hudson was the first cutter built for the Revenue Service to have a steel hull and triple expansion steam engine. The Hudson was first put into service in New York Harbor. In 1898 her naval service was required during the Spanish-American War.

The U.S.S. Winslow was built as a new boat to be feared, she was a torpedo boat. Upon the destruction of the U.S.S. Maine the Winslow was sent to Key West, Florida to be closer in case hostilities broke out.

U.S.S. Winslow was patrolling off the Cuban coast within close proximity to Havanna when she left her patrol area on May 11 to meet the U.S.S. Wilmington and the U.S.R.C. Hudson to assist in locating Spanish vessels in Cardenas Harbor. The Winslow came under intense and immediate fire from the shore batteries. She was disabled and running adrift. Her commanding officer was wounded and six of her crew were dead including Ensign Worth Bagley, the only U.S. naval officer killed during the war. The action against the town and the Spanish armored tug Antonio Lopez resulted in the near loss of the U.S.S. Winslow.

The Hudson in the face of “a most galling fire” commanded by First Lieutenant Frank H. Newcomb sailed into the bay to save the crippled Winslow. While under fire the Hudson was able to get a tow line to her and pulled her to safety. Both ships continued to fire upon the Spanish.

Rescue at Cardenas is an original painting by Tom W. Freeman, commissioned by the Military Order of the Carabao. Proceeds from the sale of these limited edition prints will endow future projects.

Image size: 27” x 18”
Overall size: 30” x 22”.


$150 for each print
$20 shipping


Rescue at Cardenas prints can be ordered by sending a check made out to SM&S Naval Prints for the total amount of prints plus shipping to:

SM&S Naval Prints
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