It’s a Long Way to Old Manila

It's a long way to old Manila
And the happy Empire Day,
Where good fellows got together,
And the songs were bright and gay,
So good-bye Paranaque
And farewell to old Jolo,
It's a long, long way to old Manila,
And our youth of long ago.

The Council

Grand Paramount Carabao

Gen Gregory S. Martin, USAF

Main Guy Carabao

RADM Edward "Sonny" Masso, USN

Grand Lead and Wheel

David F. Graling

Lead and Wheel

RADM John N. Faigle, USCG

Grand Lead and Swing

Samuel S. Corl, III

Lead and Swing

LT James L. Wolbarsht, USN

Director del Banquette

CAPT David M. Jackson, USN


MAJ Robert J. Curran, USA
CAPT Gordon H. Rheinstrom, USN

Grand Padre de los Carabaos

Maj Thomas W. Gills, Chaplain, USAF

Director de Musica

LtCol Jason K. Fettig, USMC

Producer de la Fiesta

CWO5 William A. Perry, USMC

El Guitarrista de los Carabaos

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter