Membership Information

The initiation fee is $50. The new member will receive a Carabao Insignia, a Carabao Tie, a Lapel Pin, a Membership Certificate inscribed with the Member’s Name and Membership Number signed by the Grand Paramount Carabao, and a copy of the current Carabao History. The annual dues are $50, payable with the initiation fee, for a total of $100.

Pay New Member Dues

Application for Membership

To apply for membership please download, print, and return the following form, along with your membership dues, to:

The Military Order of the Carabao
4157 Mountain Road/#256,
Pasadena MD 21122.

Membership Application

After Completion, Save File to Print, E-mail or Fax with proof of payment or payment. E-mail to or Fax to 888-598-1681.

Our NEW Fax Number is 888-598-1681 or Join by Clicking on the button below.


Membership may be extended by the Membership Committee to commissioned officers or former officers of any of the armed forces who have served either as an officer or as an enlisted man, under one of the following classifications. (An enlisted man becomes eligible only after receiving his commission as an officer.)

Veteran Carabao

Those who served in the Philippine Islands between May 1, 1898 and July 4, 1913, or between December 6, 1941 and July 4, 1946.

Amphibious Carabao

Those who served west of the International Date Line where such service was incident to the liberation of the Phillippines—World War II, December 6, 1941 to July 4, 1946.

Companero Carabao

Those who served in the Phillippine Islands between July 4, 1936 and December 6, 1941, or subsequent to July 4, 1946.

Expedicionario Carabao

Those who served overseas in support of an officially identified military campaign, e.g. Operation Desert Storm, etc.

Associate Carabao

Includes accredited war correspondents, serving with any of the forces engaged in liberating the Philippines. This membership may by action of the Executive Committee be conferred upon any person who has rendered distinguished and valuable service to the Order or the Nation.

Tenero Carabao

The Order is an hereditary one. Eligibility is extended to descendents, over twenty-one years of age, regardless of military service, of any member, or a person who is, or was, eligible to be a member.

Honorary Carabao

Conferred by the Main Corral upon the President of the United States and the Ambassador to the United States from the Republic of the Philippines.