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The Grand Paramount Song

Grand Paramount Carabao,
We salute you now,
Hark to the work that is passed through the Herd:
He's a Grand Paramount Carabao.

This Wallow we'll always recall,
A toast to fill the hall,
Our glasses we raise to drown you with praise,
He's a Grand Paramount Carabao.

LtGen William R. Maloney, USMC

LtGen Maloney was commissioned in June 1951 on graduating from Brown University. He later earned masters degrees from Stanford and George Washington Universities. He served as a rifle platoon commander in combat in Korea. Promoted to Captain in 1954, he completed flight training and was assigned to Marine Attack Squadron-333 flying the AD Skyraider. After serving as Aviation Officer Selection Officer in Boston, he transitioned to helicopters and service with Marine Observation Squadron-2 on Okinawa. On returning to the U.S. in 1959, he served in HMX-1, the Presidential squadron, until May 1962.

LtGen Maloney joined the staff at the U.S. Naval Academy, first as an instructor and later as Executive Assistant to the Academic Dean, prior to commanding Marine Observation Squadron-6, flying armed helicopters in Vietnam.

After completing the National War College, he served as Fleet Marine Officer, Sixth Fleet. In 1972 he returned to the Western Pacific and commanded the twelve squadron Marine Air Group-36, operating UH-1, AH-1, CH-46, CH-53, OV-10, and KC-130 aircraft. Promoted to Brigadier General in July, 1975, and duty in Washington, then as CG 5th Marine Amphibious Brigade. Promoted to Major General in February 1978, he successively served as CG 3rd MAW, CG 1st MAW and CG III MAF in Japan, and CG 2nd MAW in the Carolinas. Following duty as J-3, CincPAC, he was promoted to Lieutenant General serving first as DC/S Plans Policies and Operations and later as DC/S for Manpower in Washington. He retired on 30 June 1985.

His personal decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit with gold star, Distinguished Flying Cross with gold star, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, and Air Medal with numeral 21.