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The Grand Paramount Song

Grand Paramount Carabao,
We salute you now,
Hark to the work that is passed through the Herd:
He's a Grand Paramount Carabao.

This Wallow we'll always recall,
A toast to fill the hall,
Our glasses we raise to drown you with praise,
He's a Grand Paramount Carabao.

Admiral Richard W. Mies, USN

Admiral Mies completed a distinguished 35-year career in the US Navy.  He commanded US Strategic Command for four years prior to retirement.  As Commander in Chief, he was directly responsible for the command and control of the Nation’s strategic nuclear forces supporting the national security objective of strategic deterrence.

Admiral Mies has a unique breadth and depth of operational and policy experience in undersea and strategic warfare.  He has held both US and Allied commands at senior military levels.  After completing training for submarine duty he served on two nuclear attack submarines and a ballistic missile submarine before commanding the nuclear attack submarine, USS SEA DEVIL.  He subsequently served in a wide range of command positions including Commander Submarine Development Squadron TWELVE, Commander, Submarine Group EIGHT and Commander, Allied Submarines, Mediterranean, and Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet and Commander, Submarine Allied Command, Atlantic.

His staff positions include duty on the staff of Commander in Chief, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Chief of Naval Operations (Undersea Warfare), Chief of Staff to Commander Submarine Force, U. S. Pacific Fleet, and Director Strategic Target Plans and Deputy Director Plans and Policy on the staff of Commander in Chief, U. S. Strategic Command.

Admiral Mies is one of a few flag officers to complete qualification as both a submariner and naval aviation observer.  In addition to unit and service awards, his decorations include the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Navy Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal (two awards), Legion of Merit (four awards), National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (two awards), Navy Commendation Medal (four awards), Navy Achievement Medal, and Secretary of Energy Gold Medal.

Admiral Mies is a native of Chicago, Illinois.  A distinguished scholar and athlete, he graduated with highest honors from the U. S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in mechanical engineering and mathematics.  An intercollegiate wrestling champion and a lightweight football player, he was awarded the Thompson Trophy for contributing the most to the promotion of athletics at the Naval Academy.  He has completed post-graduate education at Oxford University, England, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and Harvard University.  He holds a Masters degree in government administration and international relations and an Honorary Doctorate of Law degree from the University of Nebraska.  His professional education includes the Flag Officers’ Capstone course, the program for Senior Executives in National and International Security at Harvard University, and the Joint Flag Officer Warfighting course.