Honor Bell Awardees

  • 2013
    SSGT Sara E. Dell’Omo, USMC
    CAPT David M. Jackson, USN
    GYSGT Richard O. Dickerson, USMC
    MAJ Samuel S. Corl, III, USAF
  • 2011
    Chaplain MAJ Thomas Gills, USAF
    Mr. William W. Harris, III
    SGT Alvin Spivak, USA
    COL John Roosma, USAF
  • 2010
    Chaplain COL Winthrop J. Brainerd, USA
    MSGT Aaron D. Clay, USMC
    Mr. Rob Nutt
  • 2008
    LT James Wolbarsht, USN
    MAJ Jason Fettig, USMC
  • 2007
    CAPT Gordon H. Rheinstrom, USN
    MAJ Robert J. Curran, USA
    GYSGT Douglas R. Burian, USMC
  • 2006
    MSGT Karl J. Jackson, USMC
    LCDR John D. Fluck, USN
    Mr. John Machado
  • 2005
    Mr. David F. Graling
    RADM Edward “Sonny” Masso, USN
    GYSGT Thomas D. Holtz, USMC
    LCOL Michael J. Colburn, USMC
  • 2004
    MSGT Frederick D. Lemmons, USMC
    MGYSGT Roger C. Kantner, USMC
    MGYSGT Dale Allen,USMC
  • 2003
    SSGT Robert L. George, USA
    Mr. Troy S. Hill
    MGYSGT W. Andrew Schuller, USMC
    GYSGT Charles A. Casey, USMC
  • 2001
    GYSGT Susan Z. Bour, USMC

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Honor Bell

Origin and Purpose

The Honor Bell of the Military Order of the Carabao has been awarded since 1954 to recognize members who have rendered distinguished services to the Order. The Bell is also awarded to non-members, designated "hombres," who have rendered distinguished services to the military interests of the country.

The Bell

Honor Bells are standard brass cow bells with a cravat ribbon suspension engraved with the recipient's name and the year of presentation. The Honor Bell is accompanied by a miniature brass cow bell with the recipient's initials and the letters "M.O.C." engraved on the dome. This style Honor Bell is also suspended by a cravat ribbon.

Honor Bells Today

Miniature Honor Bells are worn by recipients at the Wallows, the annual business meeting, and the monthly luncheons, and are rung vigorously after each significant pronouncement. Today's organization is primarily social in nature, however a patriotic theme remains dominant. When the Grand Paramount Carabao takes the oath of office by promising "not to water down the whiskey for the Herd," the bells are enthusiastically rung.

First Honor Bell Awardees

The first Honor Bell awards were made in 1954 to three distinguished citizens: Reps Sam Rayburn [of Texas], Speaker of the House and former House Majority Leader, Rep. Joseph W. Martin, Jr. [of Massachusetts], former Speaker of the House and Minority Leader, and LCDR Richard M. Nixon, USNR, Vice President of the United States and a Carabao in his own right by virtue of service in Philippine waters during World War II. In 1958 Senator William F. Knowland [of California], Senate Majority Leader, received an Honor Bell for “Distinguished Service.”